Video Creation

Do you have specific videos you need creating for your engineering business or project?

Perhaps you’ve developed new technology or systems and you’d like to share information with your clients, customers and employees, in an engaging and simplistic way – no death by powerpoint, and no information overload.

Or maybe you’re working for a well established company within engineering which is struggling with it’s online presence.  You’d love to increase engagement online to raise awareness of your company.

It could be that you need to develop educational content – videos linked to the curriculum for schools, information for the supply chain, updates to procedures for employees, for example – and need help from someone with an engineering background.

Or maybe there’s a significant milestone you’re working towards and need engaging content to boost awareness – project applications, proposals, research and development grants for example.

Whatever the challenge, you need engaging video content created by someone with experience in engineering,  so you can meet your targets.

I currently offer a range of video packages, drop me a line on