Natalie, Project Engineering Lead, Aerospace

I was a little sceptical about spending money on myself but I am so glad I invested in my future! Hayley has been amazing from the start, she made me feel at ease and pushed me to be the best I can be.

I felt stuck in my job of over 6 years and knew I needed to make a change. Hayley talked through my options and suggested ways to both better manage the day to day but also make  a plan for future career steps. I now look at tackling problems in a different way with what I have learnt with Hayley and will soon start a new job role – I can’t wait for the challenge!

Hayley is so friendly and a great listener, I felt she was on the same page as me throughout which made the whole process easy. She knows when to nudge you and when to let you do your thing, she really is very in tune with her clients. 

After a very interesting year of self discovery and some hard truths I have just started a new job prospect and I’m loving the the challenge!

Floriane, Head of Industry, Technology & Innovation in Policy

If you’re considering Fearless Careers,  you are already on your way to making your best decision of the year! I started out in 2020 really unsure of how to approach the future and the start of my working career. I had just gotten over a large health scare and really wanted to build healthier and happier habits so decided to join Fearless Careers. I went into the program thinking I needed a strict career plan and then I would be golden. Instead, Hayley taught me that success and happiness goes beyond that. Since Fearless Careers I’ve aced 2 amazing jobs and continued 1 to 1 coaching with Hayley. These sessions are now pushing me to be more fearless, confident and happy in all aspects of life. I can’t thank Hayley enough for her constant enthusiasm, infectious energy and sage advice – it has quite literally transformed my life

Zsofia, Biology Post-Doc and owner of “The Curious Dandelion” ceramics company

 “I was really unclear about which direction to move with my career, whether in science or following my passion for ceramics. I’ve now gained clarity and we came up with a plan that allows me to explore ceramics and eventually turn it into my business, whilst also keeping security along the way. I now see there’s a way to drastically change things for the better and in a foreseeable length of time, even if you do have issues at the moment!”

Katelyn, Operations Manager, Food Industry

I was feeling a little lost having finished a graduate scheme with the support and structure that offered. Initially I thought Hayley was a manifestation of my brain in human form as she seemed to understand all the thoughts I was having! Hayley offered loads of gentle pointers on ideas I already had in the recesses of my brain, but ones that I had previously dismissed as impossible. She gave me back my confidence, and by the end of the course I was no longer lost but had in fact got a new job and put an offer in on a house! A ridiculous life change from beginning to end and shows anything is possible when you have the right person in your corner, and I’d recommend you make that person Hayley.

Becky, Outreach Officer & Materials Engineer

My goal for the last few years had been to finish my EngD – after completing this I wasn’t sure what to do, and I started a job without considering whether it aligned with my beliefs. I decided to join the Fearless Careers program to motivate me to consider what I really wanted to do and why. The program has allowed me to develop through the structured workbooks and regular calls with Hayley; since taking part in the program I feel more confident in my abilities and that I can choose a path leading to a fulfilling and enjoyable career. I’d recommend Fearless Careers to anyone who’s searching for clarity and direction for their future.

Lucia, Aerospace Engineer, Italy

I’m so happy I took this leap of faith and started coaching with Hayley. It came at a time when I needed it most and didn’t even know it. Hayley made me feel at ease, like she was one of my mates but a very wise one! She helped me feel more confident in my abilities, and helped me put practices in place to help clear my mind. I enjoyed the exercises and our weekly chats so much! It was also really fun having a group of other engineers that I could talk too, who were all so supportive and truly brilliant people. After finishing this coaching I feel positive about my career and my side hustle, I feel very excited for the future.

Verity, Senior Technical Lead

I hesitated to sign up for this program because I had done some of the elements before but when I saw the video of Hayley I was really inspired and couldn’t resist the opportunity to work with her. I was in a pretty bad place after being treated badly by my company when I had a baby and Hayley effectively lifted me out of the dark and back into myself. I now feel more sure of myself and my direction and have an exciting plan for the next year. I can’t recommend her enough!

Tosin Data Engineer

Hayley has been my guardian angel. I came to her as a soon to be graduate with no vision for my future. I felt overwhelmed by opportunity and frankly quite scared, of making the wrong decision. Throughout the program I have learnt a lot about myself and how skilled I truly am. I have also been able to create a plan for myself to achieve goals I had never previously been able to articulate. I feel like I’m becoming the person I always knew I could be and so much wanted to be. Hayley has not only empowered me professionally but in my personal life. As a result of the program, I’ve since had two ideal roles and I am on my way to being a change maker in the industry of data.

Hana, Software Engineering Student

Hayley is an incredible person and her positive energy is contagious! Her guidance was pivotal as it allowed me to shift my perspective on careers and professional development. Building on a small idea by using brainstorming and other tools is something that Hayley often focused on and I found that extremely helpful. Not only that, she is also an intuitive listener, which was extremely beneficial as it allowed me to expand on a lot of my ideas through her open-ended questions. Hayley’s background in engineering does not only make her stand out in the coaching industry as a unique individual with a lot of knowledge, it adds a special set of skills to her coaching toolkit. I am grateful to have worked with her during this key period in my career as I transition from the academic world into the engineering industry. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an energetic, optimistic and passionate coach!

Emma, Mechanical Engineering Student on Industrial Placement

Making the decision to join Hayley’s coaching programme was honestly one of the best I could have made. I now feel like I have a steady grounding on which to build good career practice and plenty of mechanisms to use when I hit hard spots. Hayley is evidently made to coach- she makes you confident to talk and you find yourself thriving from the energy she gives you after each session. Massive thank you for having me as one of your first clients Hayley, you’ve made a positive impact on me that will have me thinking of your teachings for many years to come!

Charlotte, Mechanical Engineer

The Fearless Careers Coaching Program has been an essential part of my growth in confidence and as a person. As well as helping me find my career direction, it has helped me realise I have the power to potentially create the role I want to progress to.  It’s made me realise that I am fully in control of my future and that is truly exciting. Hayley is an incredible coach and person; she will listen no matter what your story and is there to offer encouragement in not only your career aspirations but your personal battles as well. I recommend the coaching program to anyone who isn’t sure what they want to do or how to progress their career.

Rebekah, Structural Engineer, Portsmouth

There’s no way I could have got to where I am now without Fearless Careers! Looking back at me before the program, I’d never have guessed the amount of progress I’d make. It’s changed my whole outlook on my career and I don’t totally dread going into work every day! Before Fearless Careers I was in such a horrendous place with motivation and drive, but that has all been completely turned on its head. I’m excited where I can take my career, and really believe that I can do it. That in itself would have been impossible for me before this! It’s now been many months since I went through the program and if I ever start to wobble, I go back to the tools I learnt and always come back clearer and more determined! Now I find myself actively working on my future goals towards a role that I want, and I don’t struggle going into work anymore because I’ve found my why!

Emily, Safety Engineer, Hong Kong

I’m in a good place career-wise so wasn’t even sure I needed coaching and didn’t know how much I would get out of it, but I was REALLY surprised. I’ve got a lot more clarity on my life now than I did before and I feel more prepared to make decisions about what comes next for me. I really liked how the activities were the backbone of things but the calls were flexible. It was easy for the conversation to go elsewhere and the times when that happened were also really valuable. I also think it was really helpful to have an unbiased outsider to talk things through with and bounce ideas off. I’d definitely recommend the program – I came into it not even sure I needed coaching and came out feeling so much clearer about my life.

Bola, Software Engineer & Web Developer

I’m so glad I dived into Hayley’s coaching program! It’s a balanced mixture of introspection and action, reflection and activities to actually progress towards your dreams! The program not only gave me a clearer vision of my career path, but also a structure to achieve it AND the confidence to deal with the possible obstacles along the way

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