Talks & Shows

Bringing together my 10 years’ experience as an engineer and science background I craft fun, interactive and educational shows and talks. I’m an experienced speaker and chair at live events, from delivering talks at New scientist live, to inspiring women in engineering. Please get in touch if you’d like to book me for your upcoming event.


The future of energy is a highly engaging interactive talk, which can be adapted for both adults and students. For a full immersive experience a choose-your-own-ending interactive game is played where students make key decisions about the future of energy. This talk has been given at New Scientist Live and for Education in Action events. Get in touch to book me for your upcoming event.




I’m an experienced host for a range of  events including engineering conferences, and student events such as Education in Action.  Get in touch to book me for your upcoming event.




I’m experienced at giving engaging and inspiring speeches, at dinner events and conferences.  Get in touch to book me for your upcoming event.

My students and I were incredibly enthused and inspired by your talk – students describing you as ‘so energising and enthusiastic’, the girls were especially inspired by a female speaker talking physics, the talk was pitched at the perfect level because before I had been worried that it may be way too complex for them to understand or appreciate.

Thank you for speaking to us, it was an amazing talk and really inspirational.

A Really inspirational speech, thank you so much!