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Fearless STEM careers is an intensive 8-week online group coaching & learning program for ambitious people working in STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths), who want to create a fulfilling and impactful career – whether or not you want to stay in STEM.

Creating and sustaining a fulfilling career requires clarity, resilience and confidence in your path. Without support and guidance the process can be exhausting and overwhelming, leaving you questioning where you’re heading.

Fearless STEM careers can fast-track your career journey, helping you to uncover your path and next steps, saving you years of expensive and painful uncertainty.

Hayley’s already helped many people around the world to transform their clarity and confidence in their path. Now it’s your time to thrive.


Fearless STEM careers is for ambitious people working or studying in STEM who are fed up of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, trapped or confused in their career.

Regardless of your industry and experience, building a fulfilling and successful career path means knowing how to get clear on your direction, build confidence to create change and craft an actionable strategy to turn ideals into reality. No matter whether you want to stay in STEM or not, Fearless Careers is right for…


Start your career with the ultimate springboard. Fearless Careers will help you assess your options, get clear on your direction, build confidence and equip you with skills to land your ideal role.


Whether you’re an apprentice learning the ropes, finishing a PhD, (long journey ey!?), or in your first job role but feeling unhappy, let Fearless Careers help you understand your path and thrive.


Whether you’re considering leaving your job, making a career change or simply have no clue, Fearless STEM Careers will help you get clear on your options, identify your next steps and boost your confidence like never before.

Fearless Careers gave me back my confidence, and by the end of the course I was no longer lost but had in fact got a new job and put an offer in on a house! A ridiculous life change from beginning to end and shows anything is possible when you have the right person in your corner, and I’d recommend you make that person Hayley.


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Fearless STEM Careers is an intensive 8-week online coaching and learning program that helps you get clear and confident in your career direction. The program sets you up for creating a successful and fulfilling career on YOUR terms.

The program is designed for people who are ready to challenge themselves, embrace change, dig deep and take action. There are no guaranteed results or easy “quick-fixes”.

This is a transformational process of self-discovery and learning. You’ll be guided through five modules that are tried and tested in helping you find clarity and discover your next steps.



You’ll have access to videos that guide you through the activities and teach you tools & strategies to help you identify and create your path.


For each module you’ll receive a workbook with activities to complete before the next coaching session. These activities are a mix of reflective questions and structured tools.


There’ll be six group coaching calls with Hayley where you’ll discuss what came up for you in the activities and identify any further actions. This is a safe space where Hayley will support and cheer you on!


Fearless STEM Careers is structured into five core modules to help you:


Connect with what you truly want and get crystal clear on your career path options.


Break free from what’s holding you back and grow confidence in yourself & your path like never before.


Map a path forward, identify your next steps, learn tools, take action and get results.



Find clarity on what you want from your career & life

Reflect on your career from a holistic perspective and understand transferable skills to aid decision making

To know what you want from your life and career you need to step back, look at things from a bigger perspective and reflect.

In module 1 you’ll be guided through a series of carefully curated activities to bring you more clarity on your beliefs, visions, purpose and ideals. This may sound “woo-woo”, but connecting with yourself and reflecting on what YOU want is essential to knowing how to move forward.


Map & Assess Your Career Path Options

Get clearer on paths available to you and identify which you connect with most

Whether you have “too many” ideas of what you could do, have a basic idea but feel uncertain, or feel trapped because it seems there’s no options available, module 2 will help.

You’ll be guided through a series of structured activities that help you identify, assess and filter through your ideas and potential career path options. From staying where you are, moving job, switching industry, changing career, starting a business or anything else, we’ll cover all the basis to help you uncover how you want to move forward.


Increase Confidence, Resilience & Release Blockers

Remove the obstacles in your way and let go of what’s holding you back

Creating a fulfilling career path requires a strong mindset, resilience and confidence. Often though our minds can be full of negativity such as fear, worry, comparison, self doubt, guilt and imposter syndrome.

In Module 3 you’ll start to break down what’s holding you back and learn tools and strategies for managing your mindset. This is a module that’s personal to each individual, whether you’re having to deal with a difficult boss, fear loosing financial security, feel guilty at the idea of leaving or anything else, module 3 will help you build confidence and equip you with tools to help you create and stay on your path.


Create Your 1 year Career Path Plan & Strategy

Set yourself up with a holistic plan and strategy for moving forward

Creating your career path takes action. In the final module you’ll develop a plan and strategy for the remainder of 2022. This will set out your purpose for each month and identify any key actions you can take. Your plan will be unique to you.


Master Career Tools & Methods to Maximise Success in Your Career Path

Learn the practicalities and “how’s” of creating your path

Creating the path you want takes work, skill and strategy. Through a series of training videos you’ll learn a range of tools to turn your ideas into a reality.

From maximising your CV and interviews, to networking, building side hustles and career breaks. This module provides you timeless tools and strategies that you’ll keep coming back to for years to come.




As soon as you join Fearless Careers you’ll receive this free training so you can get started immediately!



Your career coaching journey doesn’t end when Fearless STEM Career ends. You’ll become a member of the coaching alumni group where you can connect with others. I also hold three online catch-ups to help you stay on track.



Once you’ve completed Fearless Careers you’ll get access to the program materials each year for FREE. This means as I update and add modules, videos and workbooks you’ll be able to re-do the program whenever you need!



You’ll be invited to a group check-in sex months after finishing Fearless Careers. This will be held online and will help you stay accountable.

Interested in Joining?


Enrolment is currently closed. Join the Fearless Careers waitlist to register your interest and Hayley will be in touch 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fearless STEM Careers is a truly unique career coaching program for people in STEM. It follows five modules that guide you through becoming clear and confident in your path and equips you with the tools to make it happen. The program is a mix of coaching, workbooks with activities and training videos, where you’ll learn valuable tools and strategies to help you thrive in your career.

Yes! Fearless Careers will definitely help with this. You don’t need to have a clear idea of what you want as this is exactly what the programme helps you with – clarity. Many of my clients have no clue about their next steps, or they may have a vague idea but not sure how to make it happen.

I’d guide you through looking at your transferable skills, interests and passions to understand the options available so you can get clearer in your path. It may be you end up with one clear option, or a couple that you want to explore (everyone is different), and we’d develop a strategy for the next 6-months to 1 year to make it all happen! So Fearless Careers is about gaining clarity in your path, identifying what your next steps are, plus equipping you with tools to help you feel more confident and succeed.

It’s very much a transformative experience! I’m not going to lie, it does require commitment so isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who are ready to take action and create change in their careers so they can feel happier and thrive. 🙂

Not at all! Fearless Careers is about exploring your options and creating a career that’s true for YOU. If that means leaving STEM or building a business in a completely different industry then that’s totally cool! I’ll help you figure out what it is you truly want, then give you tools to make it happen.

I’ve dabbled a lot in the creative sectors alongside my engineering career myself, so I certainly don’t believe in “must stay in science boxes”. Plus, arts and science often cross!

In fact, some of my past clients are creatives too, for example Zsofia is in post doc research position, but she’s also building a ceramics business on the side! Pretty awesome right!? You can hear from Zsofia and some of my other wonderful clients here.

Coaching is all about helping you overcome obstacles you’re facing, so you can get to where you want to be in life. Whether that’s figuring out a career that aligns with your passions, being able to feel confident in your engineering job or knowing what to do when a major change has happened like job loss. Coaching has some similarities to mentoring in that I’m here to support you, but with coaching it is focused on results.

Absolutely not.  Therapy and counselling focus on your deep feelings and the past, they try to uncover pain points. Whereas coaching is all about moving forwards through a mix of reflection, evidence based tools and action.  We’ll be focusing on identifying what the next steps are for you and how to do them. If pain points come up of course we can touch on them like you would with a friend, but I’m not a therapist so I’ll always recommend that you speak with someone else if it’s needed.  I like to keep our sessions full of energy and positivity – they’re a very different vibe to therapy!

Fearless STEM Careers runs for 8 weeks. On average you’ll need to dedicate around 4 hours per week to the program. You’ll have our group calls along with the workbooks and training videos to complete between sessions. This program isn’t for everyone, it’s not a quick and easy fix and requires dedication. This is why it works!

Whilst I can’t guarantee specific outcomes, and your journey will be unique to you, I know from past members that the coaching has exceptional benefits. You’ll feel more confident, more sure of your path and know how to make it happen.

Many of my previous clients have changed job, started turning passions into businesses, changed where they live and much more. Of course it’s important that you’re also dedicated, because like with anything, the more you put in, the more you get out. Instead of me telling you how you can benefit, take a look at what real members say!

Firstly Fearless Careers is dedicated to people working and studying in STEM (science, tech, engineering and maths) related industries (although you can be exploring ideas outside of STEM too). The program has been created by Hayley Loren, an award winning engineer with over a decades experience in STEM sectors. Learn about Hayley here.

Fearless Careers is more than just a coaching program, it’s a training course too. You’ll be guided through five modules where you’ll learn valuable tools to help you excel and thrive in your career. Not only will you be guided and supported in the group calls to gain clarity in what you want, you’ll also be given everything you need to make it happen.

On finishing the program you’ll also become a member of Hayley’s coaching alumni. Hayley stays in contact with all alumni via a dedicated Instagram group and there are three online catch-ups a year where you can get support and connect with others.

When Fearless Careers runs each year you’ll also have access to all updated training materials for life. This means you can re-visit key learnings throughout your career.

The program is for anyone who works or studies in a STEM (science, tech, engineering, maths) related industry and wants to feel clearer and more confident in their path. I welcome everyone, no matter your background, age, gender, experience or anything. Fearless Careers is an inclusive and supportive environment.

Fearless Careers is for anyone who works or studies in a STEM (science, tech, engineering, maths) related industry. This doesn’t mean you need to be a scientist or engineer, it’s just means you’re linked to STEM in some way E.g. working in marketing within construction, a freelance science communicator, PhD student, government policy for energy sector, even an artist who specialises in combining art & science (Hayley is a big believer in mixing science with creativity!).

The reason Fearless Careers is for people in “STEM” is because Hayley studied biology at uni and then transitioned to becoming an engineer, so has first hand experience within STEM industries and knows what you’re going through. Hayley has also worked as a science communicator, presenter and video producer, so has a lot of experience within all aspects of STEM. Learn more about Hayley here.

If you’re not in STEM but still want to join Fearless Careers please get in touch with Hayley before booking a spot. There’s only a limited number of spaces and ensuring the program is right for you is our top priority.

Interested in Joining?


Enrolment is currently closed. Join the Fearless Careers waitlist to register your interest and Hayley will be in touch 🙂