Are you struggling to communicate with your audience, whether internal employees, customers, clients or local communities? Are you sending emails but nobody’s reading?

Do you need to improve the communication methods currently used to hit business targets but don’t know how or simply don’t have the time?

Maybe you want to share technical concepts in simplistic and engaging ways.

Or improve awareness around processes and procedures without people switching off.

Or maybe you want to connect authentically and move away from bog-standard corporate forms of communication. You want to truly connect and make a bigger impact.

Whatever your challenge you need personalised guidance so you can reach your targets within your tech, engineering or construction company.

I currently offer a half-day strategy session where we can assess your existing communications strategy and develop solutions. Before our session I will send you some questions for you to answer. Following our session I will provide you with a summary report listing any key ideas and actions. The cost of this session is £800. 

If you’re interested in booking a consultancy session or need something more personalised please email me at