Fearless Careers

What is Hayley’s Fearless STEM Careers?

Fearless STEM careers is an intensive 8 week group coaching & training program (held online) for a limited number of people working in STEM related industries, (science, technology, engineering, maths), that transforms your confidence and clarity so you can create the career & life YOU want on YOUR terms.

Whether you’re experienced in your career, or at the beginning, Fearless STEM Careers will empower you to get clearer in your path, uncover your next steps and teach you practical tools to make it happen.

Floriane, Head of Industry, Technology & Innovation in Policy

“If you’re considering Fearless Careers,  you’re already on your way to making your best decision of the year! I can’t thank Hayley enough for her constant enthusiasm, infectious energy and sage advice – it has quite literally transformed my life”


Fearless STEM Careers is no ordinary coaching program. It’s a mix of group coaching, learning modules, reflective work and specially curated activities. Not only will you get coaching support from Hayley during calls, you’ll also be guided through a series of five learning modules to equip you with tools to help you through your whole career.

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Do you dream of thriving in your career and want to choose the right direction? Whether you’re a graduate, apprentice or new into the workplace, Fearless STEM careers will help you get clear in your path, understand your options and equip you with tools to excel.


Ready to break free of feeling trapped, overwhelmed or frustrated in a job that doesn’t feel right!? Whether you’re a professional or academic, Fearless Careers will help you get clear in your direction, figure out your next steps and empower you to craft a career based on YOUR terms.


Do you have a burning desire within you to create your own path? Whether that’s starting a business, following a passion, creating a charity or anything else, Fearless Careers will help you explore your ideas, figure out your next steps and provide you with tools to make it happen.

Can I hear from past members?


I’m Hayley Loren. An award winning renewable energy engineer, career coach (and presenter in my spare time!).

I went from feeling lost and frustrated with no confidence, to speaking on stage in front of thousands of people. I’ve spoken at New Scientist Live, appeared on BBC Earth’s How It’s Built and now I use my experience to help other people in STEM.

I believe that whether or not you stay in STEM, you’re a creative problem solver who can inspire others and make an impact in the world. You can feel confident and empowered to do great things, without sacrificing your health & wellbeing and I’m here to help you get there.

Dr Verity Hudson

” I was in a pretty bad place after being treated badly by my company when I’d had a baby and Hayley effectively lifted me out of the dark and back into myself. I now feel more sure of myself and my direction and have an exciting plan for the next year. I can’t recommend Hayley and her Fearless Careers program enough!

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