Fearless Career Coaching Program

Want to get clear and confident in your engineering career?

Are you afraid you’ll get stuck in a job you hate, or down a wrong path, whilst what you’re really meant to be doing slips away as the years pass you by?

If you’re unsure what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and where you’re going, I can help.

I know what it’s like…

For years I felt frustrated, lost and lacking confidence. I was doing all the “right” things society tells you to do, but instead I felt stuck with no purpose and no spark. On the outside I’d be smiling, but on the inside I wanted to cry.

Like you I wanted a fulfilling career where I felt purpose, but I had no idea what that was, let alone how to go after it.  Even when things went well I felt I didn’t belong or that I didn’t deserve to be in the place I was in. My negative thoughts and fear of failure were always there holding me back.

Now I spend my days doing work that’s completely aligned with me.

I wake up every day feeling a deep sense of purpose, confidence and energy I never knew existed.  I feel clear and confident about my path and whatever gets thrown at me. 

I don’t say all this to brag, I say it because I want you to know:

1- I know what you’re going through and where you’re at

2- I can show you exactly how to feel clear and confident in your career AND stay that way

3- Even if you don’t hate your situation – I can show you how to avoid ending up there

And I can do all of this because I’ve been there. Over many years I’ve learnt how to move from struggle to fulfillment, and the tools needed to stay that way. 


Fearless careers is a 6 week online coaching program for a limited number of engineers, that helps you get clear and confident about your career path, so you can lead a purposeful and impactful life. The program focuses on three areas:


Often we focus on what we feel we “should” do, rather than what we want to do. Fearless Careers helps you get clear on a career path that’s aligned with YOU and will support you in developing a plan of how to achieve it. You CAN feel excited and energised about your work.


Making an impact, inspiring others and going after what you want takes courage. Fearless Careers helps you to strengthen your mindset, build resilience, incorporate balance so you don’t burn out and improve your confidence. Learn how to manage the negative inner monologues, fear, self criticism and second guessing yourself, to be the badass you really are.


To make things happen you need to take action. Fearless Careers isn’t just about reflection, it’s about moving forward. In the program you’ll uncover the actions you can take now to get the results you’re looking for, plus you’ll have Hayley cheering you on!


Over the years I’ve met creative engineers who dream of making a difference to people’s lives. Yet they’re stuck in paths that aren’t aligned with them, feeling frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. Maybe you’re one of these people, facing self-doubt and negativity every day, second guessing your successes and struggling to get to 5pm. 

Or maybe you’re happy with where you are now, but you don’t know what you want or where you’re heading. 

I wanted to use my experience to help engineers like you, to feel empowered, confident and clear about your path, because I believe you’re a frickin’ badass who can make an impact.


The program involves:

1- One to one coaching – you’ll have weekly video calls with me, at a time convenient to you, in an open, friendly and safe environment.

2- Weekly activities – each week you’ll be given activities to complete which are a balance of reflection based questions and logical, evidence based tools.

3- Group sessions – you’ll be able to join group video calls with a small group of like minded engineers who are also on the program.

Program spaces are limited

The program has limited spaces to keep the group small and intimate. This way I can work with you closely to provide a fully personalised experience.

By the end of the program you’ll have:

1 – A clearer purpose – understand what truly drives you, and how you want to show up in the world.

2- Confidence and clarity in your career path – you’ll have narrowed down your ideas and options and figured out your next steps.

3- The ability to look at your future in a more relaxed, calm and empowered way – leave feelings of anxiety and the need to control everything behind.

4- A 1 year plan to help you progress – you’ll identify core goals for the next year and steps to achieve them.

5- A toolbox of techniques to help you along your journey – You won’t just have a plan, you’ll also have tools to help you implement the plan.

6- Activities and teachings that you can use as a future resource – You’ll be able to keep the activities and teachings forever, as a resource to always look back on.

Each week I send program members a fun, easy to consume workbook with activities and teachings, that you can work through at your own pace. We’ll also have weekly one-one coaching calls to chat through anything that came up for you, and this is where the fully personalised approach comes in. These coaching calls are 100% about YOU and depending on what we chat about and what you need, I may give you specific activities to do. 

A fantastic part of the program is also the community of like-minded engineers. If you enjoy group work, you can take part in group brainstorming sessions.  Previous members have said it was a great way to learn from each other, and to feel understood from people going through similar experiences.  The group really is a wonderful way to feel inspired but also to stay accountable.

Check out the program breakdown and dates here.

Let me be clear. This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme. It’s a program for those who want to inspire others, make a difference and lead a life with purpose.  It will take you through the brain fog to find clarity, help you understand your values to develop a strong plan and set you up to make it happen. 


If you you’re an engineer who wants to feel clear, confident and empowered in your path, who wants to get unstuck  and be excited about the impact you can make, Fearless Careers is right for you.  Members are usually any of the following:


Do you dream of having a successful career where you inspire others and make an impact? Whether you’re in your final year, on a placement, doing a masters or PHD, Fearless Careers will make sure you get started the right way. 


Did you go into your current job thinking it was the right move, but now feel stuck, overwhelmed frustrated and lacking spark?  Do you feel you’re going back and forth to work with no purpose? If you’re ready to put a stop to Sunday evening dread and feel empowered and clear,  Fearless Careers will teach you how to get there.


Are you happy in your job but not sure how far it can take you and whether you even want to go where it can take you? Fearless Careers will help you get clear and give you tools to help you avoid ending up down a path you don’t want!

Who is this not for?

What our members have in common is their understanding that results require dedication. This program is NOT for people looking for a quick easy fix. Gaining clarity is not something you can get overnight, otherwise you’d already be there!

So if you’re willing to take action to make things happen, this program is for you.

Can I hear from past members?

There is no way I could get to where I’m at now without going through this program. Looking back at me 4 weeks ago, I wouldn’t ever have guessed the amount of progress I’ve made. It’s changed my whole outlook on my career and I don’t totally dread going into work every day! 4-weeks-ago me was in such a horrendous place with motivation, drive, ambition, but that has all been completely turned on its head. I’m excited where I can take my career, and really believe that I can do it. That in itself would have been impossible for me before this!

Rebekah, Structural Engineer, Portsmouth


I’m Hayley Loren. An award winning engineer turned presenter and coach.

I went from feeling lost and frustrated with no confidence, to speaking on stage in front of thousands of people. I’ve spoken at New Scientist Live, appeared on BBC Earth’s How It’s Built and now I use my experience to help other engineers.

I believe that whether or not you stay in engineering, you’re a creative problem solver who can inspire others and make an impact in the world. You can feel confident and empowered to do great things, without sacrificing your health & wellbeing and I’m here to help you get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is all about helping you overcome obstacles you’re facing, so you can get to where you want to be in life. Whether that’s figuring out a career that aligns with your passions, being able to feel confident in your engineering job or knowing what to do when a major change has happened like job loss. Coaching has some similarities to mentoring in that I’m here to support you, but with coaching it is focused on results.

How will you coach me?

I’m here as your no bullshit cheerleader. Supporting you, listening to you and cheering you on whilst also being direct and honest. Past members have said my approach is friendly, energetic and positive.

Will the coaching be formal?

No! My style of coaching is very informal, relaxed and friendly.

How much time will it take?

On average it’s about 3-4 hours a week, with a break week to help you. Our one-one calls will be an hour and then the workbook will take you about 3 hours to complete if you want to make the most out of it. This isn’t a quick and easy fix, the program does require dedication, and this is why it works! The mixture of one-one coaching, activities and group sessions will leave you feeling empowered and confident about your future. Let me ask you this, how much time over the past few years have you spent thinking about what you should do? And how much time have you spent saying “I don’t know”, or feeling crappy because you second guess yourself?  By investing time now in this program, you’re saving time down the line. Also whilst 3-4 hours might sound like a lot, previous members have managed to fit this into their working weeks well and say they look forward to the calls and activities.

Will I actually benefit from the coaching?

Whilst I can’t guarantee specific outcomes, I know from past members that the coaching has exceptional benefits. Of course it’s important that you’re also dedicated, because like with anything, the more you put in, the more you get out. Instead of me telling you how you can benefit, take a look at what real members say!

How many people will be on the program?

I like to keep the group small and intimate so I can work with you closely and provide a personalised experienced.

How much does Fearless Careers cost?

Joining Fearless Careers is an investment of £399. You’ll get one-one coaching plus resources you can keep and look back on whenever you need.

Will it be like therapy or counselling?

Absolutely not.  Therapy and counselling focus on your deep feelings and the past, they try to uncover pain points. Whereas coaching is all about moving forwards through a mix of reflection, evidence based tools and action.  We’ll be focusing on identifying what the next steps are for you and how to do them. If pain points come up of course we can touch on them like you would with a friend, but I’m not a therapist so I’ll always recommend that you speak with someone else if it’s needed.  I like to keep our sessions full of energy and positivity – they’re a very different vibe to therapy!

What will I need to do?

Turn up and complete the activities and challenges to the best of your ability! All I can ask of you is that you’re dedicated to doing your best. That means doing something that you say you’ll do, showing up for our phone calls and focusing during the time we have together.

I’m worried about the outcome of the coaching– will it mean completely upending my life and starting again?

No! Unless you really want to.  I had this same fear when I realised I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, I thought it meant everything I’d done up to this point was a total waste of time. BUT, the reality is that with any job and degree you get lots of transferable skills. For a lot of people, existing jobs and education act as a stepping stone towards what they want to do.  In the coaching program you’ll be coming up with your OWN 1 year plan, that suits YOU. The purpose is to give you clarity so you can see your future with confidence. And remember, I’ve got your back here. I’ve been through all this before so throughout the program I’ll be hear to support you.

What happens once the program has finished?

If you fully commit to the program, by the end you’ll have a basic one year plan and clear steps to take you forward. It will then be up to you to follow your plan and make things happen! The program gives you lots of tools to help you continue with your journey. To help with accountability I’ll check-in with you by email after 1 month and 3 months.

What’s your refund and cancellation policy?

Fearless Careers is a live coaching program where you get one-to-one coaching with Hayley Loren, workbooks with activities and a community of like minded people. We are committed to helping you gain clarity and confidence in your career. This takes an extraordinary amount of work and dedication, and we want you to be as equally committed so you can receive the full benefits and make a difference in your life. If on joining the program and participating for the first two weeks between 14 July and 24th July, doing all the coaching activities, you don’t feel coaching is right for you and you let us know before the deadline of midday GMT on Sunday 26th July 2020, we will promptly refund you the remainder of the program subject to the terms and conditions.


Enrollment for Fearless Careers is now closed. Sign up below to join the waitlist

The program includes:

– 5 hours one-one coaching

-3 group brainstorming sessions

-A structured program of weekly activities to help give you clarity and confidence

-Additional personalised activities to your specific needs when relevant

-A toolbox of techniques to help you on your career path

-Support in developing a one year plan

-A community of amazing like-minded engineers

-Unlimited support from Hayley Loren over email

Additional Bonus! After the program Hayley will follow up with you over email after 1 month and 3 months.

Things you Need to Know…

This program is NOT for people looking for a quick easy fix. Gaining clarity is not something you can get overnight, otherwise you’d already be there! You’ll need to commit around 3-4 hours each week if you want to make the most of the program. Like with anything, the more you put in, the more you get out. Whilst this might sound like a lot, previous members have easily fitted this into their busy working weeks and say they look forward to the calls and activities.

Refund policy:  If on joining the program and participating for the first two weeks between 14 July and 24th July, doing all the coaching activities, you don’t feel coaching is right for you and you let us know before the deadline of midday GMT on Sunday 26th July 2020, we will promptly refund you the remainder of the program subject to the terms and conditions.

Got questions? Email me on hayley@hayleyloren.com


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