1-1 Coaching

1-1 STEM Career Coaching

Want to feel fulfilled, confident and thrive like an absolute badass in your STEM career?

I help people who work in STEM related industries to thrive in their careers. Whether you feel something is missing, want to get unstuck, change careers, build confidence or reach excellence I can help. If you’re after someone with over 10 years’ experience working in STEM, who understands what you’re facing, then I may be the coach for you!

Are you feeling any of the following?

Trapped or lost

Like you’re in the wrong job but don’t know what to do

You’re ready to make a career/job change but fear failure

Pressure to excel

I know first-hand what it’s like to feel the pain & struggle of being trapped in a job that isn’t for you. Maybe you’ve been mistreated or don’t feel listened to. Or maybe you don’t fully understand the source of your pain. Either way it can be lonely and exhausting, constantly having to survive and fight your own corner. Through 1-1 coaching we’ll work together to rebuild your confidence and take back control of your career so you can wake up feeling more at ease and like the powerful badass you truly are! It CAN be better – I promise you. One leap of faith can change your life.

If you’re feeling dissatisfied at work and thinking “do I want to be here for the rest of my life?”, whilst also feeling fearful at the idea of changing – I get it! You’ve worked hard to get to where you are! You can pay your bills, go on holiday and the last thing you want is to throw away your education and experience for something that isn’t right. Why risk it? But on the other hand why spend the rest of your life in a job that doesn’t fulfill, motivate or challenge you? Careers are long, and you deserve to craft one that feels right to you! Through 1-1 coaching we’ll untangle the confusion to gain clarity in your career path so you can feel more confident in your options and decisions. Whether that’s changing jobs, staying where you are or making changes with your existing company, we’ll identify what’s right for you and start making it happen!

You know you want to change jobs or shift careers entirely but you feel held back by fear of failure. As someone who’s had four career changes I know what you’re going through! With all the uncertainty, managing finances, pushing through self-doubt and fear whilst staying sane! Navigating a career shift is a scary process when done alone and you can end up going in circles questioning if you’re doing the right thing. It’s A LOT! I’m here to support, guide and keep you accountable so you can rise up and make your change happen, whilst keeping the stress to a minimum and the positive energy flowing! You’ve got this!!

You’re a high performer who’s usually balancing lots of responsibility at once. You want to excel in your role without burning our or loosing sight of what matters to you. We’ll work together to excel, thrive and perform at your highest level whilst maintaining balance.

Through 1-1 coaching we’ll work together to transform your confidence, build resilience, gain clarity in your path and take control of your career so you can thrive.


I’m Hayley Loren. An award winning engineer turned career coach and science presenter.

I went from feeling lost, trapped and unfulfilled, to building a career & life that fills me with purpose. I’ve spoken at New Scientist Live, appeared on BBC Earth’s How Did They Build That? and now I use my experience to help people like you to feel fulfilled & empowered in your career.

I know what it’s like to feel like something’s missing or like you’re struggling to balance the demands of work and life. I spent years holding myself back and ignoring the small voice in my head telling me I could do more. I allowed fear to get the better of me, and I don’t want this for you.

You CAN have a fulfilling career. You CAN move through fear. You CAN rise up and perform at your highest level whist keeping balance. And I’m here to help you get there.

I use my 10 years’ experience in engineering to support people around the world who work in STEM. Whether you’re considering a career change, want to build confidence or perform at your highest level, I may be the coach for you!

What does coaching with me involve?

1- One to one video calls – we’ll have video calls (usually 1 hour), at a time convenient to you, in an open, friendly and safe environment. I’m flexible on timings so if you’re not in the UK we’ll find a time that works for us both.

2- Personalised workbooks – after each call I’ll send you a personalised workbook of activities to complete before our next session. The activities will depend on what we’re working on, but will be a balance of reflection based questions and logical, evidence based tools to help you towards the results we’re after.

3- Coaching Alumni Group – When you book coaching with me you’ll be invited to join my coaching alumni group. This is a community of incredible like-minded people who have taken part in 1-1 or group coaching with me. Every year I host a number of alumni group calls, which are a brilliant opportunity to connect with others if you choose too. There’ll also be a group where you can post any questions.

4 – An analytical yet holistic approach – Being an engineer by background I take a structured, analytical and action driven approach to coaching to help you get results. Yet I also focus on the importance of balance and tuning into yourself to build confidence and resilience. There’s no point in you reaching “success” or accomplishing a goal, to then burn out or regret not being with family. Life is a balance, so we’ll touch on the whole, rather than solely focusing on your job.

Here’s the type of results you can expect:

A clearer purpose – know what drives you, how you want to show up in the world and how this translates to building a fulfilling career.

Confidence and clarity in your career direction – truly understand which career ideas and options are right for you, so you can figure out your next steps.

A renewed confidence and ease in yourself – if you’ve been struggling at work, by the end of the coaching you’ll feel like “you” again, plus a whole lot more resilient!

A change in job, career or improved situation in your current job – transform your work situation to feel more fulfilled.

The resilience to succeed in a new or demanding role – let go of any fears of failure, manage your time effectively, protect yourself from burn out and rise to excellence.

More balance in your life without compromising on your work

Improved time management, planning and organisation to have more control and balance in your days

A clear plan for moving forward – you’ll be set up with a clear and balanced plan that sets you up for success.

Who is my coaching NOT suited for?

What my clients have in common is their understanding that results require dedication. Coaching with me is NOT for people looking for a quick easy fix. Gaining clarity, taking control of your career and building resilience takes action. It’s not something you can get overnight, otherwise you’d already be there! So if you’re willing to take action to make things happen, then we’ll be a great fit!

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Verity, Maintenance Delivery Leader

I hesitated to invest in coaching because I’ve done some elements before but when I saw Hayley’s videos I was really inspired and couldn’t resist the opportunity to work with her. I was in a pretty bad place after being treated badly by my company when I had a baby and Hayley effectively lifted me out of the dark and back into myself. I now feel more sure of myself and my direction and have an exciting plan for the next year. I can’t recommend her enough!

I was feeling a little lost having finished a graduate scheme with the support and structure that offered. Initially I thought Hayley was a manifestation of my brain in human form as she seemed to understand all the thoughts I was having! Hayley offered loads of gentle pointers on ideas I already had in the recesses of my brain, but ones that I had previously dismissed as impossible. She gave me back my confidence, and by the end of I was no longer lost but had in fact got a new job and put an offer in on a house! A ridiculous life change from beginning to end and shows anything is possible when you have the right person in your corner, and I’d recommend you make that person Hayley.

Katelyn, Engineering Manager
Floriane, Head of Industry, Technology and Innovation 

If you’re considering coaching with Hayley,  you’re already on your way to making your best decision of the year! I started out in 2020 really unsure of how to approach the future and the start of my working career. I had just gotten over a large health scare and really wanted to build healthier and happier habits, so decided joined Hayley’s coaching. Since then I’ve aced two amazing jobs and our 1 to 1 coaching sessions are now pushing me to be more fearless, confident and happy in all aspects of life. I can’t thank Hayley enough for her constant enthusiasm, infectious energy and sage advice – it has quite literally transformed my life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is all about helping you overcome obstacles you’re facing, so you can get to where you want to be in life. Whether that’s figuring out a career that aligns with your passions, being able to feel confident in your engineering job or knowing what to do when a major change has happened like job loss. Coaching has some similarities to mentoring in that I’m here to support you, but with coaching it is focused on results.

How will you coach me?

I’m here as your no bullshit cheerleader. Supporting you, listening to you and cheering you on whilst also being direct and honest. Past members have said my approach is friendly, energetic and positive.

I tend to describe myself as a holistic yet analytical coach. Being an engineer by background I take a structured approach to coaching and focus on results, which is why I set activities and teach tools you can continue to use afterwards. Yet I also meditate and believe in the importance of tuning into yourself and finding balance across your life, which is something I interlace into my coaching.

Will the coaching be formal?

No! My style of coaching is very informal, relaxed and friendly.

How much time will it take?

This very much depends on the frequency of our coaching sessions. Each session will be 1 hour, and can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. After each session you’ll have a few actions or activities to complete, but don’t worry, because this is completely personalised we’ll ensure everything can work around your schedule. Of course part of my job is to keep you accountable so I’ll make sure you stay on track!

Will I actually benefit from the coaching?

Whilst I can’t guarantee specific outcomes, I know from past clients that the coaching has exceptional benefits. In many cases it’s completely transformed clients lives, from new jobs and pay rises to a new sense of confidence or even a complete shift of mindset. Of course it’s important that you’re also dedicated, because like with anything, the more you put in, the more you get out.

When will the calls be?

Whenever suits you! I’m flexible so happy to have our calls anytime between 8am and 8pm Mon-Fri. You can also reschedule calls if you give me 24hours notice.

Will it be like therapy or counselling?

Absolutely not.  Therapy and counselling focus on your deep feelings and the past, they try to uncover pain points. Whereas coaching is all about moving forwards through a mix of reflection, evidence based tools and action.  We’ll be focusing on identifying what the next steps are for you and how to do them. If pain points come up of course we can touch on them like you would with a friend, but I’m not a therapist so I’ll always recommend that you speak with someone else if it’s needed.  I like to keep our sessions full of energy and positivity – they’re a very different vibe to therapy!

What will I need to do?

Turn up for our calls and complete the activities and actions to the best of your ability! All I can ask of you is that you’re dedicated to doing your best. That means doing something that you say you’ll do, showing up for our phone calls and focusing during the time we have together.

I’m worried about the outcome of the coaching– will it mean completely upending my life and starting again?

No! Unless you really want to.  I had this same fear when I realised I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, I thought it meant everything I’d done up to this point was a total waste of time. BUT, the reality is that with any job and degree you get lots of transferable skills. For a lot of people, existing jobs and education act as a stepping stone towards what they want to do.  In the coaching program you’ll be coming up with your OWN plan and OWN results. The purpose is to focus on what you need as an individual, so you won’t be doing anything you don’t want to!

What happens when our coaching finishes?

After your initial coaching sessions you may want to continue coaching with me to help you stay accountable and on track. You could move from weekly sessions to monthly, or book a one-off call when you need additional support. It’s completely up to you! You’ll also be a member of the alumni community so there’ll be at least 3 group coaching calls a year to support your continuous progress.

Who do you coach?

I welcome everyone, no matter your background, age, gender, experience or anything else. Coaching with me is an inclusive and supportive environment.

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Suitable if you want to work on something specific or only book a couple of sessions

1 video coaching session of 1 hour

Pre-call questionnaire sent ahead of our first session

A personalised workbook of activities, actions and notes to help you progress after the call



Suitable if you want to wake up feeling more resilient, calm, clear and confident in yourself and your career

A structured and transformative 1-1 coaching experience to get you unstuck, clear on where you’re heading and renewed confidence.

6 coaching video sessions of 1 hour either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your schedule (worth £1074 if booked as individual sessions).

A personalised workbook of structured activities & actions carefully crafted to help you get clear, confident and build resilience in your career.

Invite to the coaching alumni group where you can connect with like-minded people and at least 3 virtual group Q&A/workshops a year (worth £500).



Suitable if you’re in a new or demanding role where you want to excel, thrive and perform at your highest level whilst maintaining balance.

Kick-off clarity & strategy session of 1.5 hours to get clear on your needs, challenges and what may be holding you back. (worth £270)

6 video coaching sessions of 1 hour either bi-weekly or monthly depending on what we’re working towards (worth £1074 if booked as individual sessions).

A personalised workbook of activities & actions after each coaching session to help you progress between calls.

Regular email check-ins from me to keep you on-track and accountable. (worth £200).

Unlimited email access to me whenever you have questions between our calls (worth over £300).

Invite to the coaching alumni group where you can connect with like-minded people and at least 3 virtual group Q&A/workshops a year (worth £500).



Supporting and inspiring people who study and work in STEM is at the heart of my business. I keep a few coaching spaces open at discounted rates for students, early career starters and those on lower incomes who are struggling in their STEM careers. If you feel like I may be the right coach for you, do get in touch to find out if there’s discounted spaces available.

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