Are you struggling with lack of confidence, purpose or direction in your engineering or construction career?

If you’re passionate, driven and dream of making a difference but everything feels messy and stressful right now I’m here for you.

Because you know what? You deserve to wake up feeling confident and fulfilled every day.

Sometimes all you need is someone to speak to. Someone that is in your corner cheering you on.

I KNOW you have more to give. Why else would you have chosen engineering or construction as a career!? You want to make a positive impact and I get that.

I believe you CAN feel more empowered, confident and find a path that is aligned with your passions.

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I’m Hayley Loren. An engineer turned presenter and coach.

I believe that engineers are creative and passionate people that deserve to feel supported so they can focus on what they do best – transforming our world.

I care deeply about the planet and communities which is why I became an engineer.

Working on global energy projects over 10 years has brought me some of the most most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life. Engineering has the capacity to be full of purpose, passion and creativity.

However throughout my career there were times of difficulty.

I quickly realised that engineering can be a harsh and lonely industry to work in, particularly for people who are emotive and care deeply.

People who care deeply are determined and passionate. They can create an immense amount of good in the world, but they can also be highly self-critical, always pushing forward and fearful failure. Although these are incredible qualities that result in success, it can also lead to pain and lack of confidence.

I believe that everyone, no matter your background and experience, has a right to feel confident, supported and empowered at work.

Through my free weekly newsletter and one-one coaching I provide support, inspiration and guidance to engineers who are struggling.

I believe that by having someone in your corner, you can find clarity and have the confidence to go after a career that makes you feel fullfilled every day.


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