Hey, I’m Hayley!

As well as being a wine loving sci-fi nerd, I’m an award winning energy engineer, career coach and science presenter

At the heart of my work is my belief that STEM related careers are crucial. I believe we can do more to enthuse younger generations about STEM subjects and encourage much needed diversity within the field. I also believe in supporting and guiding those already working within STEM related industries to help them thrive. These beliefs drive my work in the following areas:

Biologist turned Engineer

It was only after I graduated with a biology degree that I realised I wanted to become an engineer. With no maths OR physics background, I’m proud to say I took my passion for renewable energy and ran with it. After a number of grueling years back at uni, teaching myself maths, and finishing an engineering apprenticeship/graduate scheme… I finally made it happen! Since then I’ve spent over 10 years’ working on some of the largest offshore wind energy projects in the world, within safety & environmental engineering, project management and interface management roles.

If you feel like something isn’t possible, I’m here to tell you it is! With enough determination you CAN make things happen!

Founder of Hayley Loren Coaching

Although I realised my dream of becoming an engineer it was certainly full of challenges. I know first-hand what it’s like to struggle within STEM related fields, which is why I founded Hayley Loren Coaching. Through 1-1 coaching and my group program “Fearless Careers”, I help others gain clarity, build resilience and thrive in their careers. Whether they want to change industries like I did, or feel fulfilled where they are. My aim is to help others make their career goals happen.

Experienced Presenter and Speaker

I’m an experienced presenter and speaker, inspiring students and the general public about STEM subjects. I’ve spoken in front of thousands of people around the UK, presented at New Scientist Live and been an expert on BBC Earth’s “How Did They Build That?”. I also have a YouTube channel focused on making science fun and introducing students to engineering concepts.

Volunteering and Scholarships

I believe everyone working (or wanting to work) in STEM should have access to career support, which is why each year I offer a number of scholarships and discounted coaching spaces.  I’m also the creator and host of the podcast “Not Your Forever Job”, author of the weekly email subscription “Hayley’s Career Boost”, and host several workshops and masterclasses all completely free.

I also believe that all students should have the opportunity to be inspired about STEM subjects no matter their background. This is why I create entertaining and educational science & engineering videos on my YouTube channel “Hayley Loren”.

What else?

Born in the West Midlands (I used to have a Brummie accent!) and now based in London, I’m a nature, wine and sci-fi lover. When I’m not working you’ll either find me hiking through some woods, cooking a beef bourguignon (one-pot recipes are my THING!), phoning my family or trying to tick-off another DIY/house renovation task with my soon-to-be husband Matt. We moved house over a year ago and STILL have a skirting boards to paint!

As someone who lacked confidence and has suffered a lot with anxiety, my dream is to support and lift as many people as possible. I know the pain and loneliness involved with feeling like you’re “less-than” or not “good enough”. My mission is to inspire the next generation of STEM enthusiasts and help those working in STEM fields thrive.