# 8 Podcast Written Notes

How to Manage Fear of the Unknown

When you do anything there’s unknowns and this is particularly the case with jobs. There’s unknowns with interviews, what a new course will give you and even with where you’re heading. To be honest it can all be really scary and sometimes we feel it’s easier to stay in our comfort zones rather than face our fears.  

This is something I did a lot, I stayed where I felt safer, but with hindsight I know this is what held me back in my career.

All the growth that’s ever happened to me has been when I’m uncomfortable, doing something difficult, overcoming a challenge or jumping into an unknown.

Can you think of a situation where the same has been for you?

How did you feel after? Was there growth?

Most of the time when you do something scary incredible things happen and it takes you to another level, in terms of growth, experience and confidence.

I know this sounds strange but sometimes I see my life like a computer game. You know how there’s different levels and you have to beat a bad guy? I always imagine that with doing something scary, it takes you to the next level.

You have to do scary things, put yourself out of your comfort zone if you want to grow, and experience life to it’s max.

Yes it’s lovely staying in a cocoon of comfort, believe me I adore my sofa, PJs and Netflix, but if you only ever did that, then you what do you end up with?

What would you think looking back in 10 years time?

It’s important to rest but it’s also important to rise up and scare yourself sometimes.

Otherwise you’re playing small. You’re allowing your fears to control your life.

And is that something you want?

I know you deserve more than that and you have so much strength inside you that’s just waiting to come out.

So here’s three steps you can take right now to manage your fears of the unknown

  1. Build Evidence: Make a list of all the scary things you’ve done in the past 5 years and use it as evidence of how badass you are. Because if you’ve done one scary thing, or if you’ve faced one unknown, you can face another.
  • Jump in: I want you to jump into something that you find scary, intimidating or where you can’t see the direct results. The only way you can start managing your fears is to get used to the feeling of fear. It’s like building a muscle. Facing unknowns is scary, but you’ll soon see that as an absolute minimum you’ll learn something and you WILL grow stronger.
  • Give yourself treats! Do you know about Pavlov’s dogs? Dogs were conditioned to believe a treat was coming if they heard a bell ring. We’re no different. If you treat yourself after every single scary thing you do, no matter how small, you will start to get enjoyment out of it.  This is something that we rarely do. You may be so focussed on moving forward that you celebrate yourself and reward yourself. So I want you to make a habit of treating yourself like you’re a celeb!

I used to be the queen of staying safe and avoiding unknowns, and as someone who’s now on the other side I can tell you it’s fine! The world won’t fall apart, (it does that by itself!). Facing fears, jumping into unknowns and getting out of your comfort zone is extremely liberating. Not only will you feel stronger, you’ll grow resilient and rise up to be the true badass you are!

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