New Year, New Job? 6 Paths to Career Happiness

Thinking about changing jobs or careers in 2023?

A new year is is the perfect time for a fresh start and that includes with your job!

But knowing what paths are available to you and deciding on your next steps to find happiness, success and fulfilment can be tricky.

Join me, Hayley Loren, in this solo episode as I talk through six key career paths you NEED to know about! Whether you work in STEM or dream of doing something different, you’ll want to consider these six paths before making any decisions.

Sometimes you can feel trapped in your career because you feel uncertain about what opportunities are out there. Or you can feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possibilities. Join me as I share a structured approach to thinking about the career paths that lie in front of you, and by the end of the episode you’ll have clear options and steps to move forward. This one isn’t to be missed if you want 2023 to be THE year for you career!

You will learn…

– The six key career paths you need to know about (whether or not you want to stay within a STEM field)

– How to decide which path is right for you (as this can be the trickiest part!)

– The core actions you can take to find career happiness in 2023 (because you CAN feel fulfilled and happy!!)

Careers can feel messy, frustrating and sometimes scary, so don’t worry if things feel out of control! This podcast episode is here to help you make decisions about your future. Whether you’re feeling stuck in your current job or ready for a change, there are options available to you. Tune in for some inspiration and guidance as you chart your course towards career success. It’s 100% possible to create a career you love and you deserve to feel happy and fulfilled. Always remember – you’re not alone in this!

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