Thinking About A Side Hustle? What You Need To Know

Do you have an idea that you discuss with your friends over a coffee or a pint but never do anything with?

Wouldn’t it be great to take the extra step and create something from the idea?

And how about turning that idea into an extra stream of income!?

This is exactly what my latest podcast guest Matt Gray does. He turns his fun crazy ideas into reality, films the whole process and then puts them on YouTube and TikTok!

Instead of spending the past fifteen years thinking “oh that would be a fun idea”, he’s spent them thinking “HOW can I make that happen?”.

As a result, he’s travelled the world having incredible adventures with the videos he’s been involved with totalling over 300 million views, and get this…. it’s all whilst having a full time job as a broadcast engineer!

Pretty darn amazing right!?

Side hustles can provide you with incredible experiences, give access to places you could only dream of and provide an extra stream of income doing something you love!

But there’s draw backs and realities you need to navigate if you want it to be a success.

Matt shared…

“Side hustles are brilliant, they’re great fun, and they give amazing opportunities to go out and do supercool stuff. They can also lead to more opportunities in your work and help you learn, but getting that balance right is key and it is so easy as a creative person to get caught up and to forget about yourself.”

So if you’re wondering whether to try your idea and dive into a side hustle, listen to this episode of Fearless STEM Careers.

You will learn…

– How Matt got into YouTube by simply filming his fun ideas that came from conversations with friends

– How side hustles can allow you to access incredible places and opportunities (for Matt a memorable one was NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory!)

– How clear boundaries are key to balancing mental health when working on your project

– How side hustles can create more opportunities within your full-time job

– Matt’s key advice to balancing a side hustle alongside your day job

– What you should know before trying to turn a side hustle into a full time career

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