Unproductive at work and feeling guilty? 3 questions to ask yourself

Are you feeling guilty because your productivity at work is low, and usually you’re a driven hard-working person?

Are you scared you might be “found out” that you’re not working 100% (or maybe even 30%!). 

Wondering if it’s normal that you’ve lost your spark, energy or drive in your job?

Join me in this solo podcast, with me Hayley Loren, as I guide you through three surprising questions to find out why you’re being unproductive at work and whether you even need to be concerned.

I share practical tips on how to improve your productivity (if you need to), PLUS how your lack of productivity can be transformed into a career excelling tool!  

Join me to learn:

– Three surprising questions you need to ask yourself (if you’re being unproductive)

– Why being unproductive isn’t always a negative (and you don’t need to beat yourself up)

– How to know if you should cut yourself some slack (if you’re being your own worst enemy!)

– How you can easily turn lack of productivity into a useful career excelling tool

– How to know if your lack of productivity is a simple phase or a bigger issue that needs addressing

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Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Why do you think you’re unproductive at work?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Big Love,


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