From Trapped to Happy

From Trapped to Happy – STEM job stories w/ Katelyn Elders

Do you feel trapped and unhappy in your STEM job?

Whether you’re an engineer, scientist, work in tech or anything else, it can be tough when you feel trapped.

But know this:

You don’t need to stay trapped, you CAN make a change.

Jobs are hard, it’s why you get paid, BUT there’s a difference between normal work challenges and feeling like your souls being crushed.

In today’s episode of Not Your Forever Job, Operations Manager and Fearless Careers grad Katelyn Elders, shares her experience of feeling unhappy & trapped for `18 months and how she made a change.

Katelyn got a new job at a new location, but within the SAME company. Now, 10 months on she feels calm, peace and in control.

If you’re struggling and going through a hard time, you’re not alone. Working within STEM related industries can be tricky, but I want you to know you CAN make a change and it will be okay.

Join us to learn:

– Katelyn’s honest story of feeling trapped, stuck and exhausted for 18 months

– How to feel happier and free whilst keeping security

– How to figure out what you want and start taking action (even if you feel exhausted!)

– How to stay patient and sane when you’re ready to leave (but things are taking time)

– Why quitting a company completely isn’t always the answer

– How you don’t need to stay pigeon holed in STEM – you can move around

– How to overcome challenges with your boss and/or colleagues

PLUS Katelyn’s key piece of advise if you’re unhappy in your STEM related career.

If you dream of feeling happy, calm and in control in your career then watch this episode now!

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Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What are you struggling with most in your STEM related job?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Big Love,


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