3 Simple Rules for Surviving a Toxic Boss

3 Simple Rules for Surviving a Toxic Boss

Do you have a difficult or toxic boss at work who drags you down? Or even a challenging person who makes you feel low?

Whether you’re frustrated they fail to support you, pile on the workload, criticise you for not achieving when they’re part of the problem, or any other frustrating habit then it can be a struggle.

Bosses can make or break a job. You can go from being excited, to walking out of a meeting feeling like your soul’s been crushed.

There’s no easy way to handle a situation like this, but today I want to give you 3 simple rules to help you survive your difficult boss, and to be a better manager yourself!

These rules will help you:

1-Feel more in control and empowered

2-Lessen the fear and anxiety your bad boss causes

3-Shift the dynamic to help IMPROVE your situation

4-Supercharge your own leadership skills

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