How to Change Jobs


Thinking about changing industries or jobs in your STEM career but unsure how to go about it?

Or do you feel you’ve applied for hundreds of jobs and are getting nowhere?

If you’re feeling any of this my chat with award winning chemical engineer Yasmin Ali will help.

A couple of years ago Yasmin left her job working at a large energy company to find a new career path, despite having no job to go to.

Nine months later and after many job applications, Yasmin found her ideal role working in government energy strategy.

When you’re unhappy at work the idea of making a change can feel very daunting.

You may worry you’ll end up in a worse situation or just doing the same old thing.

But creating the career you want IS possible and Yasmin’s story is an incredible example.

Join us to learn:

Yasmin’s 5 tips for changing job and industry

How to approach job searching

One key tool that will help you deal with rejection

How to choose the right job

Why you need to tell you’re boss you’re unhappy and how to go about it

How to take the leap of faith to find a job you’re happy in & why it’s WORTH the worry

PLUS we delve into Yasmin’s experience as a presenter. If you ever fear presenting in front of people or not knowing the answers to questions then this is a MUST listen.

Watch or listen below:

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More about Yasmin

Yasmin Ali is a chartered chemical engineer and an energy innovation programme manager at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), supporting technical solutions to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. Prior to joining the government, she worked in conventional power generation, oil and gas exploration and production, and district heating.

Yasmin is passionate about the future of energy, and an avid promoter of engineering careers. She has been featured on television and radio, regularly visits schools, presents at events, and writes for mainstream media about the achievements of engineers. In recognition of her work, she has been shortlisted for a number of industry awards, and in 2020 was named one of the Women’s Engineering Society top 50 women engineers in sustainability.

Learn more and connect with Yasmin here.

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