How to Grow Confidence Through Challenges


Are you wanting to thrive in your career but find yourself worrying you’re not good enough or feeling like an imposter? If so, you’re not alone!

It’s very common to worry about making mistakes, particularly in STEM industries where technical knowledge is needed. It can be difficult to have self-belief and confidence when everyone around you seems to be an expert. Whether they have more experience, more knowledge or seem to complete calculations at lightening speed, you can be left believing you’re not enough. Even if you’ve been in the job for a while, or have many years experience, there’ll be moments when you compare yourself and question why you’re there.

Confidence at work can be tricky. If you’re not careful the constant comparisons will slowly chip away at you until there’s nothing left.

This is why building up your confidence is SO important. Confidence is not something you’re just born with (although it may seem like some people are!), confidence is built through experiences and challenges.

It’s simple enough. But why throw yourself into a scary challenging situation when you can stay cosy in your comfort zone?

Well let me answer this for you:

Either you stay in your comfort zone and keep feeling you’re not good enough, or you role your sleeves up, throw yourself into a new challenge and prove to yourself that you ARE good enough. THIS is how you build confidence.

(Don’t worry, for years I ignored this and stayed in my comfort zone so believe me when I say I understand the struggle!).

On this week’s episode of Not Your Forever Job I get to the raw centre of why you need to be growing confidence through challenges and how you can do this.

You’ll learn:

The major misconception about fear that many people don’t realise

– How you can use challenges to build your confidence (and why you need to!)

– The terrifying challenge that rocked my core

– Why using challenges to build confidence is ESSENTIAL for thriving in your career

Watch or listen below:

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