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Ever dream of following a path where you call the shots and anything is possible? If so this episode is a must listen. I speak with Dr Lucy Rogers, an inventor, presenter, award winning engineer and professor about the twists and turns in her career.

Lucy went from feeling like she was stagnating, to one of the most renowned science communicators in the UK. She’s been a judge on the show Robot Wars, a Royal Academy of Engineers visiting Professor of Engineering:Creativity and Communication at Brunel University, London, a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and she is adept at bringing ideas to life, from robot dinosaurs to mini-mannequins and even a fartometer for IBM! She has developed her creativity and communication skills and shares her tricks and tools with others. She is the presenter of a couple of STEM Podcasts and (before shutdown) was sought after as an awards host and emcee of events and also as an inventor on TV and radio.

We chat about:

-Lucy’s varied career and how it led to being on TV

-Why it’s never too late to start taking control

-How Lucy ended up feeling she was in a pit with no way out

-Why the only wrong decision is not making a decision

-Lucy’s advice to people worried about stagnating or going down the wrong path

I left this conversation feeling pretty blown away and I know you will too!

Watch, listen or read below:

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