Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself with Special Guests Floriane and Verity

If you’re wanting to learn methods to boost your confidence at work and in yourself, then listen in on this International Women’s Day special with guests Floriane and Verity.

Floriane and Verity are incredible and inspiring engineers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to being confident in your career. Plus they’re alumni of my Fearless Careers coaching program.

Join us to learn:

-Confidence in yourself vs putting on a front

-Specific methods for feeling more confident

-Body confidence and how that translates into the workplace for women

-Self-doubt in qualifications and your abilities

-Finding your voice and having something you care about to drive you

-The impact of motherhood at work

-Why trusting for yourself and asking for help is key

This was truly a wonderful conversation, a bit like when you’re chatting with your friends over a glass of wine and you go from laughing hysterically to sharing something vulnerable!

Watch, listen or read below:

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