8 Reasons to have a Career Coach

8 Reasons to have a 1-1 Career Coach

Deciding whether to have a 1-1 career coach can be a big decision full of uncertainty. Not only is it an investment, but it’s also putting your trust in someone else when you don’t directly know what the results will be. This can be particularly confusing if you’ve already had mentoring or coaching elsewhere so you’re not sure if you’ll benefit. To help with the decision making and to gain some clarity, here are eight reasons to have a 1-1 career coach.

1- Completely personalised support

You’re unique, which means the specific challenges you face and the support you need is unique. Choosing 1-1 coaching means receiving a personalised and tailored service to suit your individual needs. Group coaching programs are fantastic for connecting with others, however often 1-1 coaching means you get more time with the coach themselves. This means more specific support and often faster results. 

2- Get results quicker than on your own

Often we think we can do everything on our own, which to some extent is true. Yes after time you may be able to find a new role, or you’ll eventually get to where you want to be, and with google anything is possible, however it will cost you time. The magic of coaching is that it fast-tracks your progress. You’ll feel more confident, resilient and in control of your path much faster than if you walked the path alone. Six weeks of 1-1 coaching can be a completely transformative process that saves you several years of stagnation or unhappiness!

3- New found confidence and resilience

1-1 coaching means you have someone in your corner who can help you grow and face challenges. If you ever feel held back by fear or worry that you’re not good enough, your coach can work with you to free you from this mindset.  You’ll have someone who can help you recognise your strengths and own who you are.

4- Make your ambitions happen!

Whether you’ve started a new job and want to excel, or you’ve been in the same job for a while and worry about stagnating, 1-1 coaching can help you level up and perform at your best. This is why athletes have coaches, they can’t do it all on their own! Having an external person to help set goals and ensure you stick to them can be very powerful. This accountability can be the difference between staying in the same role and getting a promotion or finding that dream role. Essentially a coach will both support and push you to perform at your best and get the results you’re looking for!

5- Sets you apart from other candidates

The job market is competitive, and just like athletes who do everything in their power to fine tune their performance, you can do the same. Having a 1-1 coach will help set you apart from other candidates. Not only will you feel more confident which will come across in interviews, you’ll also be able to work on interview technique and fine tune your CV. Your coach will help you recognise what makes you shine and standout from the crowd. 

6- Gets you unstuck or out of a hole

If you’ve been stagnating at work or you’re in a bad place then the one thing you need is support. Often it can be difficult to ask for help because you may feel it’s a sign of weakness and you “should” be able to sort things out yourself. However, getting support from someone who’s been in your shoes can fast track your progress. A coach will help you avoid pitfalls, get you unstuck and back to feeling like yourself as quickly as possible. They understand the pain and difficulty you’re going through and they can help you move through it to a place where you feel confident, light and in control.      

7- Learning new skills and approaches to help you thrive

Working with an experienced coach, particularly someone who knows your industry can propel you forward in your career. They understand the challenges and can teach you skills that will help you thrive. Dream about owning your own business? Or project managing a huge energy project? Or simply working for a company that appreciates you! Whatever your dreams, a coach can help you make it happen.

8- Unbiased support

We all love our friends and family but very often their opinions are biased, or they spend half an hour telling you what they think (rather than listening to how YOU feel and what YOU need!) This is where coaches come in. Coaches are an external and unbiased person who 100% listens to you and helps you identify what you need. They don’t tell you what to do, they let you lead the way guiding you, making suggestions and together you’ll work out a plan. This is an extremely powerful process because you’re able to gain clarity and confidence to move forward, with someone keeping you accountable. 

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