5 Tips for Effective Planning

5 Tips for Effective Planning

Do you ever feel you don’t have enough time, find yourself procrastinating, have trouble focussing or find large tasks overwhelming? Maybe you want to find that sweet spot between progress and over-reaching, or know you need help with planning to make your goals happen.

Whatever your feelings, effective planning can be the difference between success and being an anxious overwhelmed mess. I know because I’ve been there! In my 20s I thought I had planning sorted. I thought “there’s not much to it, just schedule the stuff you need to do”….oh how wrong I was.

One mistake in my planning process led to something pretty horrific for me. It’s not that I scheduled something at the wrong time, it was that the methods I was using was completely flawed.

In this episode I’m giving you 5 vital tips for effective planning that I use myself every day.

If you follow these 5 tips, you can tackle the big tasks and move forward with your goals without stress and burnout.

Join me to learn:

How flawed planning methods led to the biggest failure of my life

-Why effective planning is vital for success

-5 actionable tips that will propel your planning

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