#11 7 Steps To Set Yourself Up For Success In 2021

You want to set goals and plan for 2021, but after the crazy year you don’t know how. Instead of feeling enthused and motivated like previous years, you feel scared, confused and uncertain.  You may be thinking “what now?”, “what do I want next year?”, “how can I strive for success after such a challenging year?”. In this episode I’m setting out 7 steps to help you set yourself up for success, even if you feel uncertain, lost or trapped.

Setting yourself up for success isn’t about planning your year in detail, it’s about taking steps to get clear, ground yourself and allow yourself space. It’s about regaining balance and getting back in touch with YOU.

I talk about:

Why recognising the smallest wins from 2020 will help you

-How to figure out what your priorities are for 2021

-How to make sure you don’t overload yourself and burn out

-The ONE question you need to ask yourself to move forward with confidence

-3 simple tools to help you regain balance and positivity

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