#10 How To Stay Motivated in a Job you Don’t Like

You’re in a job you don’t like, or working for a company that doesn’t value you, possibly feeling unmotivated and uninspired, yet right now you have no choice but to be there. You know you need to get the work done and you don’t want people to think badly of you, BUT…you just can’t be bothered, or it all feels “meh”. 

Jobs are hard enough even when you like what you’re doing (or enjoy who you work with), so it’s no surprise you’re lacking motivation.

Whether you don’t like the company culture, feel bored by the work, feel passed over for opportunities, don’t feel valued or anything else, staying motivated can be HARD.

Very often in these situations your productivity might be low and things may take twice as long. Maybe you procrastinate, avoid the hard tasks at all costs or get distracted by something more interesting – (planning your house renovation or shopping maybe!?

Mixed into all of this can be guilt, because deep down you know you can do better but…you just don’t want to!

So the question is, what can you do? I’ve got seven steps to help you imporve your motivation.

PLUS a BONUS step that changed everything for me when I was in a similar situation.

This episode is an absolute must listen if you’re struggling to stay motivated or you know that you’re not doing your best.

I talk about…

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty   – Worried you’re going to be “found out” because you’re not 100% motivated or are slow in your work? I set out how you can let go of some of this guilt and why you need to.

How you can improve your motivation– I set out seven steps that can help you get your motivation back,

The ONE thing that can transform your productivity – even when you don’t want to be there!

Listen below or on your favourite podcast app to boost your motivation!

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