#8 How To Manage Fear of the Unknown

Ever fear unknowns? Life is full of unknowns,  whether you’re heading into a job interview, joining a course or even trying to figure out your career direction.

Facing unknowns can be scary, paralysing and overwhelming. It’s far easier to stay in your comfort zone rather than face  fears. This is something I did a lot, I stayed where I felt safer, but with hindsight I know this held me back in my career, and I don’t want this for you.

In this episode I’m sharing how you can manage fear of the unknown so that you can move forward in your career.

I talk about…

Here’s some key parts from the episode…

[02:00] Facing unknowns is good   – unknowns are vital for your growth and resilience. Fear is what will help you get to where you want to be

[03:30] Why you deserve more and how fear will help – fear is a vital part of the process that you need to embrace

[05:30] The 3 steps you can take to manage the fear – these are 3 steps that I use every time I do something scary, no matter how big or small, and how I manage unknowns. They took me from having zero confidence, to speaking on stage all around the UK.

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