#7 How To Know if It’s Time for a Job Change

Confused about whether it’s time for a job change? You’ve got a niggling feeling (or an obvious feeling!) that your current STEM job isn’t right, but you’re unsure if you should move. It can be hard to deal with this uncertainty, not knowing what the right move is. So in this episode I cover how you can know whether it’s time to make a change in your career.

I talk about…

-Why people stay in jobs their not happy in or where they’re not progressing

-7 ways you can tell that it’s time for you to change job

Here’s some key parts from the episode…

[02:00] Why we stay in jobs even when we feel it’s not right   – It’s very common for people to stay stuck in jobs even if they’re not progressing, feel it’s wrong or are unhappy. Why is though?

[07:00] Why you’re not trapped or stuck – Although you may feel uncertain or stuck and believe you may not have a choice to move, I discuss why this isn’t the case and how you really do have options.

[09:00] The situation you’re in is really hard! – How you’re feeling right now isn’t easy to deal with. The confusion, uncertainty and doubt can be very overwhelming! To handle this there’s something important you need to know!

[15:30] 7 Ways to Know it’s Time for a Job Change – I talk about how you can know it’s time for a change and what to do about it.    

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