#6 What to do if you Feel Trapped in your Job

Are you feeling trapped in your job right now? This is something I went through myself and it’s not easy, so in today’s episode I’m setting out some steps that you can follow to help sort through the mess. 

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[02:30] My experience of feeling trapped  – I used to think it was normal to feel unhappy at work, I got in a rut and this lead to me having panic attacks at work.

[04:30] How you can help yourself to move through this hard time – I share some steps you can follow to help you feel better even if you’re feeling trapped in your job.  

[06:00] Why you’re not alone even though it might feel like it – If you’ve been in the same place for so long, it’s hard to imagine what’s out there for you and the idea of leaving something you know is daunting.

[09:00] Why staying in your job right for the short term might be the best thing – Even though you dislike your job, leaving without having a job to go to may end up being more stressful. 

[11:00] How to move forward – What should you do now? Should you stay or leave? I talk about the steps you can take. 

[14:00] The reasons you might be feeling held back – Lack of confidence and belief could be holding you back, I talk about the reasons for this and what you can do about it 

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