#3 How to Decide Your Career Direction

Figuring out your career direction can be confusing and messy, even if you’ve been working for years. If you’re confused about your career direction, dissatisfied with your job or coming to a crossroads then this episode is for you.

In today’s episode I share a structured process to help you get clearer in your career direction, focusing on people in science, tech or engineering. So instead of going round in circles in your mind, you can follow these tried and tested steps!!

I talk about…

> Why careers are messy and that’s okay

> How to get some form of career direction

> The seven steps you can follow to figure out your career direction

Plus, one of the seven steps is something that a lot of people don’t even think about.

Remove the confusion and get clear…

[04:30] I talk about why careers are messy  – When you don’t have a clear direction it can be messy and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, messy careers are VERY normal. Things become negative though when you try to control everything

[05:50] I go into the seven steps for how to decide your career direction – Step 1 – figure out what you believe in, Step 2 – confirm your purpose, Step 3 – Define your idea of success, Step 4 – create an ideal job criteria, Step 5 – brainstorm your career ideas, Step 6 – research, Step 7 – adjust your expectations.

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