#2 How to Find Fulfillment and Purpose in your Career

If you want a successful and well-rounded career then purpose and fulfillment are key. Without them you can feel like you’re on a runaway train or find yourself constantly asking “what next?”, or “is this enough?”. Yes money is important, but without purpose why are you getting out of bed in the morning?

In today’s episode I share the importance of having fulfillment and purpose in your career and how this is something I failed on for a long time!

I talk about…

> Why you need purpose and fulfillment in your career

> How they can help you reach success and improve performance

> What happens to your career when it lacks purpose

Plus, I give actionable steps for HOW you can find purpose and fulfillment in your career.

Get more satisfaction out of your days…

[05:45] We often start off with purpose but then it disappears – However, after years of study and work, realities start to set in. You can end up exhausted, burnt out, or feel like you’re on a constant treadmill. Purpose and fulfilment can get lost within day-to-day responsibilities and stresses.

[09.15] Without purpose you can be filled with negativity – You may feel like you’re on a runaway train, or ask yourself “what next?”, or “is this enough?” In the back of your mind there’s always doubt or uncertainty.

[10:10] Purpose can increase resilience – Purpose can help prevent burn out and helps you push through hard times. It can even bring a deeper sense of satisfaction in the good times. It’s important to let go of the notion that you need to be happy all the time. When there’s purpose in your work you’re able to continue whether or not you’re happy.

[13:30] Purpose can lead to success – Purpose can lead to increased performance, positive energy which people will notice and it’s great for job interviews and promotions!

[16:00] How fears keep purpose hidden – Fears of the unknown, fears of loosing money, of loosing the security of your job can keep your purpose hidden. This is because if you allow yourself to think about it too much then you might realise what your doing is wrong, or you’re on a wrong path or that you just don’t know what you’re doing.

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