Working on the UK Ventilator Challenge

Over the past few weeks I’ve been speaking to engineers who are dedicating their time to help in the fight against coronavirus and it has BLOWN ME AWAY!

Let me ask you a question.  Would you work until 4am even though you had shingles? 

For most people I think the answer would be no. Or at least….it depends! 

This week I spoke to an engineer who was doing exactly that. He was working despite having shingles.

But why on earth would do something like that? 

At the start of the pandemic you probably saw in the news the mass fear around not having enough ventilators. 

All over the world there has been a big push to design and manufacture new ventilators to help the battle against coronavirus.

The UK government started the Ventilator Challenge, supporting 11 companies to design new ventilators from scratch.  

Let me put this in context. Usually it would take around 4 years to design a new ventilator. The government was asking for this to be done in a matter of months!! 

Teams of engineers have been working to the extreme to design new & build new ventilators, without even knowing whether their devices will be used.  

In times of crisis, it’s incredible how people step up to try and help.  

This week in my mini series Epic Engineers I spoke to an engineer working on the Ventilator Challenge UK. Hearing about how they were battling against near impossible deadlines was insane.  

Watch this weeks’ episode of Epic Engineers and learn:

  • What is the UK Ventilator Challenge?
  • How engineers are battling with extreme time pressure
  • What happens physically and emotionally when you work on an intense project

Are you an engineer or do you know of any engineers who are helping? What’s your story?

Leave a comment below and us know.

Thank you so much for watching and sharing. This is a time when we can shine a light on the incredible engineers around the world. 

As well as ventilators engineers have been turning their homes into face shield production centers to help key workers. Groups of over 7000 volunteers started in a matter of weeks and are now producing 600,000 face shields! It’s truly incredible what people are doing.

Big love,


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