How Does One Person Make 600 Face Shields? Engineer Mike Ford explains all

Around the world millions of engineers are coming together to help fight the global pandemic of coronavirus. 

After sending a tweet asking what some engineers are doing, I realised the sheer dedication and efforts engineers are giving to in order to help.

From 3D printing until 3am, growing a volunteer base from 2 people to 7000 in one week to developing shingles from stress.

Engineers are determined to help save as many lives as possible, sacrificing their own time, money, and health.

Although the world is facing unimaginable struggles, we are seeing engineering at its best. Problem solvers coming together to think outside the box and solve challenges for the good of the world.

So how does one person make 600 face shields, alone, from their home office?

On this week’s episode of Epic Engineers I speak to Mike Ford  who has turned his home into a face shield production centre for key workers.

Join us to learn:

– How Mike makes up to 40 face shields a day by himself

– The startling object one key worker had to use as protection when a face shield wasn’t available

– The common challenge that engineers around the world are facing

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, Mike and I would love to hear from you.

Are you an engineer or do you know of any engineers who are helping? What’s your story?

Leave a comment below and us know.

Thank you so much for watching and sharing. This is a time when we can shine a light on the incredible engineers around the world. 

If you’ve been feeling the pressure during the lockdown know that no matter what, right now you can feel proud of yourself. Whether you’re working from home, a key worker or on furlough, life is tough and can knock your confidence. This is a time when the engineering community can come together and support each other.

Big love,


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