13 Reasons to Feel Proud of Yourself During the Lockdown

Forget being super productive, learning a new skill or doing all the DIY in your house.  Life has been flipped upside down, so if you’ve been comparing yourself to other people and feel you should be doing more or generally being “better” then I’m here to tell you you’re ALREADY doing a lot.

 Here are 13 reasons to feel proud of yourself during the lockdown.

1 – You are, or know, a key worker

If you’re a key worker YOU ARE AMAZING. Hands down. If you’re delivering food, working on the front line, busy in food factories and keeping our world moving. THANK YOU. And if you know a key worker, whether they’re a family member, friend or colleague, know that being there for them makes a difference and that you matter.

2 – You’re supporting others

Whether you’re volunteering, have checked in with your neighbours or phoned your family & friends more often. Being a support to others is something to be proud of. That alone is putting good into the world.

3 – You have your IT systems and working from home methods sorted – almost

It might seem small but think back to a few weeks ago – I bet you’re now a remote working badass!

4 – You’re giving yourself time to relax

We are in a pandemic where the world has shut down. This isn’t a time to feel you “should” be doing DIY projects or feel you “must” start a new skill, because a friend is making a million cakes or that random person on Instagram has learnt to cartwheel. Giving yourself time to relax is something to be proud of.

5 – You’ve only had a couple of melt downs – in a day

This is a stressful time, even if you’re the calmest person ever, things will still feel strange sometimes. Be kind to yourself and be proud of your feelings, how you feel IS important and relevant.

6 – Your kids are still alive

Congratulations! I don’t have kids myself, but I know from my friends they’ve had to lower their bar of “perfect Parenting”, because right now you can’t be everything to everyone.

7 – You’ve not locked your family or housemates in a cupboard

Spending 24-7 with people can be wonderful but let’s be honest it can also have its hard moments. Give yourself a pat on the back for not locking them in a cupboard…and if you have…. that’s okay, but maybe let them out??

8 – You’re staying at home! 

If you’re staying at home, you are a hero as well!! Considering you’re only allowed outside for 1 hour a day without being able to use any transport, I bet you’ve done some awesome exploring in your area, so congrats on becoming a local expert!

9 – You’re appreciating all the things you miss

If you’re asking people the question “what’s the first thing you’re going to do when lockdown is lifted?”, that’s awesome!  When that moment comes, that first beer, hike, spa-day, family party, know that it will be incredible. 

10 – You’ve figured out what you want to do if and when you’re furloughed

If you know that being furloughed comes with some great opportunities to have some fun, spend time with the kids or just relax, give yourself a big pat on the back. Seeing positive in something is certainly a “well-done moment”.   

11 – You’re still working when everyone else isn’t

If you’re one of the few who have been kept on a project but everyone else has been furloughed a) you’re clearly doing good work b) you’re a badass for sticking with things c) be proud of your grit (and don’t dismiss this thinking “yeh but it’s just normal work, it’s not a big deal”. These are not “normal” times, we are in a global crisis and you ARE awesome!) 

12 – You’ve started a new project and are doing it

Check you out and your productivity!! If you’re using the time to do something new, start a business or complete a new project that’s awesome!  And remember that number 4 on the list is important too 😊!

13 – You’re showing up

Whether showing up to you means getting out of your PJs, getting through a day of work, doing a workout, giving yourself guilt-free permission to watch Netflix or anything else. The fact that you are showing up for YOU, is incredible and be proud of yourself for that!

Whatever you’re up to during this time, everything that you are doing and not doing is incredible. If you feel you should be doing something, know that what you’re already doing is enough. (Unless you’ve not moved from your sofa for 4 weeks, because I would highly recommend getting out and about!).

Here are some key takeaways:

– Recognise what makes you feel good and energised, and DO MORE of those things.

-Feel proud when you show up

-Celebrate every small win that you have

And if there’s one thing I want you to remember….

Let yourself off the hook for all the stuff you feel you should be doing but haven’t got around to yet.  This is a global crisis! Don’t beat yourself up. 

And if you’re struggling with working from home then check out my post about alternative methods for working from home.

Big love

Hayley x

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