Working as a Mechanical Engineer in Rail

Thinking about studying mechanical engineering or working in the rail industry?

Last week I met with Chrisma Jain, a mechanical engineer who works as a Senior Project Manager in the rail industry. Chrisma is one awesome lady, having originally studied mechanical engineering and then moving to a more civil focused job. You’re going to want to hear what Chrisma says as she’s absolute proof that within engineering you can change discipline and industry. She also gives some tips on what to study.

Watch this week’s interview with Chrisma to learn:

– The main types of engineering involved in rail

– How you can move between different industries

– What project managers do

– The skills you need to be a project manager in rail

I loved chatting to Chrisma and think you’ll get a lot of value from what she has to say, if you’re thinking about mechanical engineering or rail as a job. The single most important thing to know, is that although rail primarily consists of civil engineers, there are still many mechanical, electrical and instrument engineers too. So really, no matter the discipline you choose, rail will be an option for you.

It’s also worth listening to Chrisma’s guidance on the type of skills needed for project management. Organisation is important but there are other elements too. Particularly in the rail industry when you need to carry out engineering works at the same time as passengers using the network. It’s clear from Chrisma that rail engineering is pretty complex and very important!

I really do hope you find this useful. If you have any questions I’d love to hear from you!

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