5 Types of Video that you Could use to Spark Engagement



Thinking about creating a video for your business to spark engagement, whether with customers, employees or even the supply chain? Here are 5 different style of videos for some inspiration:

  1. The Quick Interview

This type of video is great if you have one point that you want to share. Think quick interviews that you see on the news when the presenter is on location. The interview is very short, usually no more than a couple of minutes, otherwise you loose engagement from the viewers.  This style is good for a quick video on Linkedin.

  1. The Slicker Interview

If you’ve got more information to cover then you’ll need to make the video a bit more interesting for the viewer. If the topic is a bit complex then you’ll need to set the video up with an introduction and summarise at the end.  Think of it like a sandwich! In the case below I was discussing the UK’s new net zero target with Jonathan Cole, the MD of ScottishPower Renewables. I couldn’t just launch straight into speaking to him about the topic as this would lose the viewer, instead an opener and close was used to support the discussion.

  1. Campaign

If you’re working on a campaign where you want to engage people in an important topic then emotion is key. You need the viewer to feel something whilst watching, whether inspiration, sadness, anger etc.  A great way to do this is through music and the voices of real people. The video below was a campaign for Women in Engineering, to show diversity  and just how broad the industry is.

  1. Informal Vlog Style

If you want to connect with your audience in an informal and personal way then vlog-style could be what you need. These types of videos can take a technical topic and turn it into something fun and easy to consume. For example, in the video below I explain cellular respiration to GCSE students. This style works well for young people as it tends to be what they watch all the time on YouTube.

  1. Humour

I’m not talking about slap-stick comedy here, but sometimes adding a bit of humour to make the viewer smile both entertains and forms a connection. It’s good to have a bit of fun sometimes right!? The video below is an example of this, I explain energy transfer in a light-hearted way.



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