5 Alternative ways to use Video in your Company


Have you thought about using video as a form of communication but don’t have any ideas? Or maybe your company already uses video but it’s too corporate for what you need? You want something more authentic and engaging. If so then you’ll love this blog post.

Here are 5 fun alternative ways to use video in your business or department:

  1. Quick fire questions

Got a new member of the team starting? Or want employees across multiple projects to get to know a department e.g. HSE? Simply film the team member answering 5-10 quick fire questions. You may remember playing this game at school, but it’s a great way to quickly introduce someone rather than a bog-standard email. No need for any fancy equipment, just use your phone and ask questions such as “What did you study at university? Use one word to explain why you’re in this industry.  Do you have any pets? What’s your favourite food?” Etc. You can make it as sensible or silly as you like…!

  1. Behind-the-scenes

People love to see what’s behind closed doors, and they also love to see the reality of what it’s like working at companies. If you’ve hit a key milestone on a project, why not do a quick behind-the-scenes video from your mobile? You could show the preparation that goes in the night before a big event, or the long and difficult journey that’s needed to reach a remote project, or even a sneak peak of some fancy new equipment!

  1. Community story

No doubt the company you work for has a strong focus on helping the local community and supply chain. Because of this there will be a tonne of fantastic stories where local people and businesses have been helped in some form. Even if it’s an increase in sales at the local chippy!  These stories are wonderful to share. It doesn’t need to be a sleek documentary; it can be as simple as using your phone to ask someone how they’ve benefited and then popping it on Linkedin.

  1. Ask the Boss

Want a unique way to build connections between bosses and employees or the public? Ask employees within your company (or even customers) to send in some questions and then ask the boss! This could be the CEO or a head of department and could cover anything like “why is the branding a particular colour?” or “what’s the hardest part of your job?”. Keep the style of the video low-key if you want something that feels more authentic.

  1. Meet the kids and pets

People love children and pets, it’s a great way to connect. There’s so much you could do with this including getting people to engage on social media. E.g. you could do a “share your pet day” where you ask people to share a short clip of their pet on LinkedIn or twitter. Or you could invite employees to ask their young kids to describe what mummy or daddy does at work (the answers would probably be quite funny!).

These are just a few ideas…there are so many other options! Have you used any of these before? let me know! Drop me an email at hayley@hayleyloren.com 

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