How to be Confident in your Engineering Job or Qualification

Do you ever feel a lack of confidence in your job? Or feel held back from amazing things due to fear?

In this episode I’m talking to Yasmin Ali, an award winning engineer in the energy industry.  

We talk about how Yasmin has struggled with confidence at times and her approach to combat it. Join us for an honest chat about confidence and fear, including:

  • How even though Yasmin is an award winning engineer, she still struggles with confidence in her abilities.
  • How the voice inside our heads sometimes holds us back
  • Yasmin’s top tips for feeling more confident before a big presentation or event
  • How rationalising fear helps Yasmin to face challenges throughout her career
  • How learning to sit with fear rather than resisting it can propel your career

If you feel you’ve got more to give in your career but get taken over by fear or self-doubt then this episode is for you.

I love this chat with Yasmin because she’s so honest about her lack of confidence in her own abilities, despite being an award winning engineer with exceptional experience and educational background. This is something that I really relate to. It’s almost like no matter what credentials you have there’s still a small voice in your head that says “well you’re not good enough”.  

The truth is that EVERYONE has self-doubt at times. But if this is the case then how does anyone end up doing “great” and “amazing” things? Were they born with superhuman confidence?

The question to ask isn’t how do you become more confident, but how do you move forward DESPITE your lack of confidence. This is something Yasmin is exceptionally good at. She may feel scared or have doubts at times, but she doesn’t let this stop her.

What I’ve come to realise is that confidence usually comes AFTER taking action or doing something scary, not before. So to become more confident you need to accept the fear and level of confidence (or lack thereof!) that you have right now and take action despite it.

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