How to be Great at Presenting

Have you ever felt scared about giving a presentation?

Or been completely clueless on what to say or how to structure it?

What about that moment when you stand up and everyone is staring at you, your heart is racing, palms are sweating, you can feel the redness rising up your chest to your face…. are you getting anxious even at the thought of it!?

If these fears and stresses sound familiar, you’re not alone in having them.

On this episode of the Savvy Engineer I’m talking to my friend Jay Surti, who is an incredible person AND presenting expert.

We talk about why we get so scared talking in front of people, how to manage fear and anxiety and most importantly how to be awesome at presenting.  Jay’s new book “Ultimate Presentations”, really is the ultimate guide to presenting. She provides all the advice and guidance you need to set yourself up for success.

Don’t think you could ever be good at presenting? Not so fast. Jay used to be TERRIFIED of presenting and now she’s turned it into her whole entire career! Honestly, none of us have any excuses.

Join us for a rich and honest conversation as we unravel the wisdom in her new book, including:

  • Why Jay wants you to discover that presentations aren’t that bad.
  • The humiliating experience that spurred Jay on to overcome her fear of public speaking – and led her to write a book she never thought she would have written.
  • What the most important aspects are of presenting, including mastering your mindset and being YOU.
  • How to structure your presentations, even with only 10 minutes to spare… a must-listen if you’ve ever been confused about where to even start!
  • Plus, Jay’s top tips if you need to prepare for a presentation right now.

Question Highlights

  • How and why did you decide to overcome your fear of speaking?
  • What techniques do you use to create a positive mindset and overcome fear?
  • How do you go from speaking in front of a few people to lots of people?
  • What are good and bad traits of speakers?
  • If you’re a “bad” speaker, does it negatively impact your company or personal brand?
  • Why do we turn into totally different people when we give presentations?
  • How do you structure a presentation and what techniques do you use?
  • What are your top tips for people who need to prepare for a presentation right now?


Do you have any presentation techniques you use? Get in touch on social media or email me!


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