How to Choose Subjects for a Career in Engineering Ft. Anna Ploszajski

Choosing subjects for school or university can feel like a really daunting process. Obviously you want to set yourself up for a successful career but how do you even do that? I want to share with you an inspiring conversation with Anna Ploszajski who is an award winning engineer and science communicator.

At school Anna was quite an all-rounder. She got pretty good GCSE’s in most things so she didn’t know straight away that a career in science and engineering was for her. This was exactly the same for me, so it made choosing subjects really difficult. I wasn’t like my friends who knew they wanted to be an artist, or doctor or vet. Just like Anna, I knew I enjoyed science and we both chose subjects to give us as much flexibility as possible.  This was an amazing decision for Anna, as what she studied at university went in a very different direction to what she had expected!

I hope this interview provides you with some inspiration and reassurance that you don’t need to know exactly where you’re heading all of the time!

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