5 Characteristics of Engineers

If you’re trying to figure out if you’d be a good engineer, here are five key characteristics that most engineers have:

  1. Curiosity

Engineers tend to be curious about the world and how things work. You may think that engineers only have fascinations with cars and rockets, and to be fair they’re very cool, but the truth is that engineering expands into so many different sectors. Now engineering merges with biology, such as through the development of viruses and bionic arms for people. Engineering even extends into the fashion industry in the creation of smart fabrics. So really curiosity can expand into any sector, whether it’s for cars, biology, fashion or anything else that takes your fancy!

  1. Problem solving skills

Engineers enjoy finding solutions to problems. These can be very technical and detailed problems, or they can be much broader problems. Either way, engineers tend to enjoy challenges and finding solutions to problems. It’s rather like a fun puzzle!

  1. Analytical

To solve problems engineers use logic and methodical thinking. They analyse data, use software to model scenarios and are rigorous in their approach, so they tend to have good attention to detail. This is important for developing safe and viable solutions.

  1. Scientific

Engineering is the application of science and maths to solve real world problems. This means engineers tend to love science, but you may be surprised to know that it’s not purely maths and physics. Chemistry and biology play a vital role in engineering and we’re seeing far more of this through biochemical, chemical and bio engineering.

  1. Creativity

Although being analytical and scientific is important, being creative allows us to think outside the box and dream up innovative new technologies.  This is how we’ve ended up with mobile phones, virtual reality and even social media. Those ideas were dreamt up one day! Creativity is what pushes technology forward and its’ a huge part of engineering.

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