# 20 Podcast Transcript

7 Tools for a strong & healthy mindset to help you thrive

Hello and welcome to Not Your Forever Job, the show that helps you figure out what you want and where you’re going in your career and how to make it happen.  I’m Hayley Loren, a career coach and award winning engineer and science presenter.

This week on the show we’re chatting about tools for a strong and healthy mindset to help you thrive, because for the whole of April it is stress awareness week and you deserve to feel great in yourself.

So if you want to build your confidence, resilience and self-believe so you can rise up and thrive in your career then this episode is for you my wonderful friend. 

If you’ve listened to my other episodes or you’re a client of mine then you know that I think positive mindset tools are immensely important.

Now if you’re an analytical person and you might think oh no not mindfulness stuff then bear with me okay.

Because when you’re feeling a lack of confidence and when you’re in a challenging place you need  tools and methods you can fall back on and you need ways to build yourself up.   If you don’t  it’s a bit like being in a zombie apocalypse with no weapon and completely naked. You just wouldn’t do that. You would want armour and weapons to survive

It’s the same thing here.  Part of building confidence and thriving in challenges is about arming yourself with tools and building strength and resilience. 

You are of course unique so what works for you will be different to me but I want to run through my seven top mindset tools.   

(To know more about each tool then listen to the podcast episode as I’m afraid the transcription is partially missing for this episode)

Tool 1: Mantras

Tool 2: Writing in a journal,

Tool 3: Exercise and yoga

Tool 4: Meditating

Tool 5: Doing nothing/practicing mindfulness. These are all brilliant ways to connect with yourself

Tool 6: Eating well

Tool 7: Regular breaks and rest – build this into your plans. If you’re a driven person you may feel guilty for resting but it’s so important.

Every day I do at least one of these, even when I feel good. You don’t need to spend a whole hour, even if you wrote one mantra and spent 30 seconds saying that every morening, that is a step that will move you forward.

Action- choose a healthy mindset tool and do this everyday for one week and see what happens.

I want you to send me a tweet or instagram message right this second telling me the ONE action you’re going to take. I’m being serious, I want to know so I can help hold you accountable. My instagram and twitter handle are both @TheHayleyLoren if you don’t already follow me. 

And if you need more help I’ve got a few episode recommendations for you.  There’s episode 18 which is about building confidence through challenges, episode 12 which gives one quick confidence tool, and episode 2 how to find fulfilment and purpose.  You can also sign up for my Weekly Career Boost if you’re not already part of it, shout out to you if you are, this is basically a weekly email of positive vibes and support.  Just head to www.hayleyloren.com/coaching and I’ll also put links in the show notes. And whilst you’re there make sure you grab your FREE Career Clarity Starter guide which is a downloadable PDF to help you figure out where youre at and what you want from your career! 

That’s it from me!

Speak next week

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